• Examine Me

    This ones a bit different!

    Written by Andrew Devis June 2020

    This is based on Psalm 139 which talks about how much God knows us to an extent that sometimes we might want to run from him, but where can we run from God? In fact his knowledge of us is truly a comfort because despite everything he still loves us enough that he sent Jesus as a gift of Grace, shows us Mercy each day and calls us his children.

    Let us Know what you think.

    Examine me oh Lord

    You’ve examined me Oh Lord, and you know
    When I sit or stand, and where I go
    From far away you understand my motives
    And You see – right through me

    When I move or when I rest, you’re there
    You know all I do, You’re fully aware
    My tounge can not frame a word
    And You don’t know

    Now hem me in behind and in front
    Place Your hand of love on my heart
    To know the wonders of Your presence
    It’s beyond me, it’s beyond me, it’s beyond me

    Coz where could I go? Where could I run
    To escape You, to escape You, to escape You
    Yes where could I go? Where could I run?
    From You

    Darkness is as light to You
    Night as bright as day, it’s true
    If I settle on the far side of the sea
    Still Your Hand would guide me

    You made my heart and mind, they’re Yours
    You opened up my eyes, and I saw
    The wonders of Your Truth and Love
    For me


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  • Other side of Love

    A second song today as not uploaded much for a little while. This one is called Other Side of Love. It’s a song about Easter, all that Jesus did out of love for us and and how if we accept what he has done for us we are welcomed to live on the other side of love…

  • If I were to sing a song to you

    The first of two songs uploading today, this is a love song, pure and simple, let us know what you think.

  • Green Hill

    Another song, this one is a rework of an old hymn. Originally written by Cecil Frances Alexander (1818-95) this arrangement and additional words by Andrew Devis. Piano: Andrew , Vocals: Simon

  • A Death that should have been mine

    This is a new recording of a song we wrote together around 95/96. It speaks of the gift of Jesus in that when he died on that cross he was taking on the punishment that we all deserve for ourselves. Hope you like it!


  • As I Look Up

    Really please to be able to share our first completed recording, this is a new song written and piano by Andrew with vocal from Simon.

    Hope you enjoy.

    please do let us know what you think.

    God bless

    P.S. for some reason the player doesn’t seem to be working in FireFox, if using this browser please click the top right link for soundcloud and be taken to our profile.

  • Hello world!

    Welcome to our Music page, this is just a first post the site and the music are still a work in progress but we hope to have something to share with you soon.

    Thanks for visiting.

    God bless

    Andrew & Simon


Who are Spellt Ronge?

Spellt Ronge are a music duo made up of Andrew Devis and Simon Faulks.

Andrew and Simon first met in 1995 while studying theology at Moorlands college in Dorset and being placed in the same church. The soon discovered a common love for music and both had done some song writing in the past. Before long we were writing together and playing a few small gigs plus some church services and school assemblies.

Unfortunately the whole experience was quite short lived as after the first year the academic demands meant needing to step back.

After college both Andrew and Simon went separate ways and into different ministries. Over the last 20 years or so we have had times of almost losing touch (not deliberately!) and on one or two occasions thinking about projects together.

Since those days of the mid 90’s a lot has changed, both for us as individuals and in terms of technology, which means we are able to revisit some of those old songs and some new ones too! As we begin this project partly inspired by others who are producing material from home due to lockdown because of Coronavirus and the tech means we can do so despite living miles away and not being able to travel – hence ‘Back together, Miles apart’

As we record we will update this site and add it in other places, you can also find out more about what Andrew and Simon are up and also the story behind the name ‘Spellt Ronge’ from the links below:

Andrew Devis

Simon Faulks

Why Spellt Ronge?

About Andrew

Somehow the Lord led me into media after my time at Moorlands and I ended up working in radio for a while and then moved into video, motion graphics and visual effects. Today, my main work is that of teaching people how to do video editing, audio editing, motion graphics, animation, visual effects and colour grading. However, I still love to create media myself and so am working on some podcasts, both an out and out creative fiction podcast called ‘Horatio and the Story of the Manor’ ( ) and ‘The Bible Story Podcast’ ( ) which has the aim of helping to bring the stories of the Bible alive for today’s audience. Not that I think the Bible stories aren’t alive in and of themselves, I just wanted to help people interact with them a little more and hope this podcast will help.

As for music, while I do still write some music and compose songs, I have done very little in terms of music since our days at Moorlands and jumped at the chance to start doing music again when Simon asked.  The exciting thing is that when you work together, the end result is usually much better than when you ‘go it alone’ and I have some embryonic songs and ideas that I am looking forward to developing with Simon and which you will find here in due course.
Oh, and if you’re interested in that whole video, motion graphics and visual effects thing, you can find lots of tutorials here ( ).

About Simon

Upon leaving Moorlands Simon headed into youth ministry for 10 years and then felt God call him to something new. Back to Theological College and this time training for Anglican ordination. Simon now serves as Rector of 5 Parishes in the Oxford Diocese.

As well as his main job as Rector Simon is also a storyteller and uses his interests in circus and illusion to help tell stories of the bible and explore faith. This is used as part of his school work in the benefice also. Not just telling the stories he offers training workshops to churches, church leaders and schools on how we can get more out of the stories from the bible and helping others to learn how to retell those stories.

Simon is married and has three teenage Children together they have seven chickens and one cat.

You can visit Simon’s others sites below:

Rev Simo (storyteller)

NotAshamed (photographic)

5 Parishes (the benefice he serves as Rector)

Why Spellt Ronge?

Back in 1995 when we first started writing together we found we had a number of things in common, obviously there was our faith and our call to study theology at Moorlands and our love of music. Then there was a poor academic history and the fact that neither of us could spell (or understood much about how grammar works) all helpful aspects to beginning to study a literary based subject.

Andrew had recently been diagnosed as dyslexic (and due to conversations about their common struggles) Simon was also to be diagnosed dyslexic in 1996. It seemed to us slightly amusing that two people who struggled with spelling and writing should try and write stuff together and inevitably our first drafts of songs were often full of spelling mistakes – hence Spellt Ronge.

Just as an example of how little faith we had in our spelling ability we got the name checked to make sure it was indeed spelt wrong (or should that be Spellt Ronge?)