Examine Me

This ones a bit different!

Written by Andrew Devis June 2020

This is based on Psalm 139 which talks about how much God knows us to an extent that sometimes we might want to run from him, but where can we run from God? In fact his knowledge of us is truly a comfort because despite everything he still loves us enough that he sent Jesus as a gift of Grace, shows us Mercy each day and calls us his children.

Let us Know what you think.

Examine me oh Lord

You’ve examined me Oh Lord, and you know
When I sit or stand, and where I go
From far away you understand my motives
And You see – right through me

When I move or when I rest, you’re there
You know all I do, You’re fully aware
My tounge can not frame a word
And You don’t know

Now hem me in behind and in front
Place Your hand of love on my heart
To know the wonders of Your presence
It’s beyond me, it’s beyond me, it’s beyond me

Coz where could I go? Where could I run
To escape You, to escape You, to escape You
Yes where could I go? Where could I run?
From You

Darkness is as light to You
Night as bright as day, it’s true
If I settle on the far side of the sea
Still Your Hand would guide me

You made my heart and mind, they’re Yours
You opened up my eyes, and I saw
The wonders of Your Truth and Love
For me


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  1. I like it – especially the words. Your voice is strong and clear. I heard every word. Thank you

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